Check Out The Sheepdogs From Saskatoon, Sesketchewan

This past Saturday in Lincoln, took the lady, and some friends down to the Bourbon Theatre for The Rival Sons, and they were amazing, but it wasn't there set that had me youtubin' more music from their catalog it was the openers, The Sheepdogs! Every song felt like I'd heard it before, just that sweet 70's feel, man, and I don't know if it was the goofy outfits, or the fact they're all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, or maybe I just like saying the name the Sheepdogs, but holy balls man! These guys f'ing brought it, and Shamus their piano playing, pornstar mustache rocking, trombone slidin', tambourine man, had it all, even a guitar solo in the set! Man, it was a good time! So next time the Sheepdogs from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have made their way to our parts, get the ticket, prepare your liver, and get an Uber to go rock with the Sheepdogs! Plenty of their tunes below....

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