Happy 46th Birthday Joshua Homme!

Q.O.T.S.A are my favorite band, so I had to show Josh Homme a lil love on his birthday. I had the chance to meet Josh in Des Moines, and it was an incredible experience. The smell of reefers everywhere, and Josh welcomed me to his smoke filled green room. I nervously walked in with a Desert Sessions Record, hoping to get signed, and I say "what's up?", and he replies "I'm f*&^#n stoned!" Oh man, so EPIC! We sit down, and I politely ask him to sign my record, and he takes a good look, and says" This is a bootleg!" I stutter, "I had no idea, I paid good money for it!" He explains how they don't make these anymore, and decides to sign my album, BUT he added a lil' extra to the autograph....

I said to myself, this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal, let's make the most of this! So looking around the room, several bottles of Patron Reposado, "Wanna take a shot?" Josh walks over grabs two wine glasses pours a healthy amount in both of them, and we drink! So yeah, I shoulda of stopped there, but I didn't. I asked if we could take a picture, and he said, "I signed your record, we took a shot, come on man." He then introduced me to his bud, and bandmate, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and got the hell away from me. HAHA. Troy, and I talked briefly, he invited to watch from the side of the stage, but hinted, that if you get right upfront it'll sound a whole lot better. (BUT I had to check out the view from side of the stage) I explained to Troy how this is the coolest f'ing moment of my life, meeting my favorite musicians, and I never in a million years thought this would happen, and Troy says, "This is nothing, you should set the bar a little higher for yourself, now get out there, and find a good spot, it's time to go." 

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