Get Ready For The Black Keys New Album, "Let's Rock"

It's been 5 long years since The Black Keys gave us New tunes, and album #9 is in the can marinating for it's June 28th release. "Let's Rock" is what they're calling it, and from the sounds I've heard so far, it seems obvious what they've set out to do...put all the extra isht a side, and ROCK! They've given 3 songs already from the upcoming release, "LO/HI", "Eagle Birds", and "Go" (All placed below for your listening pleasure) they have a straight forward approach, three minuteish in length, and just solid riffs with that classic Patrick Kearney beat pumpin' that finds a little nook in your brain to hangout, and of course Dan Auerbach throws a couple nooooice solos together in full Auerbachian! Silk is jealous of the smoothness! They'll be Rockin' The Sprint Center in K.C. this September with Modest Mouse, and that might just be a must see! Get that ticket @

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