Dine At The Most Haunted Restaurant In Nebraska

Spooky ghost moving alongside a hotel corridor

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to dine at a haunted eatery or local watering hole, potentially getting a side of chills with your delicious cuisine? Well, we have just the place for you.

Food Network recently compiled a list of the most haunted restaurants in every state, and they named the Speakeasy in Holdrege as the spookiest in Nebraska. Here's what they had to say about the establishment's history:

"Lately, Faceless Fred, Speakeasy’s resident ghost, has taken to breaking glass — specifically the glass shelf holding all the restaurant’s glassware, which leads to quite a mess. And one unsuspecting bargoer had the top of his martini glass fly off and shatter. Before owner Ryan Puls’ father bought the restaurant in 1980, it had been a series of other businesses in Sacramento dating to the 1880s, including the General and Seed Store, Bar and Restaurant, owned by a man named Fred. Rumor has it that Fred had a reputation as a philanderer; his wife found out about his antics, offed him and dumped his body either out front or in the well outside the shop. Besides the colorful stories of its resident spirit, Speakeasy is known for its spirited cocktails — try the best-selling barrel-aged Manhattan. From the steakhouse-leaning menu, start with the house-cured bacon before moving on to the signature Sacramento strip steak, where a grilled New York strip is accompanied by a mushroom cream sauce spiked with brandy and mustard and topped with Danish bleu cheese."

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