This Is The Creepiest Place To Visit In Nebraska

A creepy, fantasy forest of trees, back lighted with spooky, glowing eyes of creatures in the undergrowth.

Photo: Getty Images

Every state has its own urban legends and bone-chilling stories of places that are reportedly haunted year-round, not just on Halloween. These sites include old state hospitals, abandoned homes and hotels that are so terrifying only the brave (or the dead) dare to tread foot on their premises.

If you're looking to take a guided tour or a solo walk through the darkness of one of these destinations, Thrillist recently compiled a list of the creepiest places where ghosts are rumored to patrol in each state. They named Seven Sisters Road in Otoe County as the scariest place to visit in Nebraska. Here's what they had to say about the hotel:

"We all get mad at our family members. Most of us get over it and just get them crappy Christmas presents. We do NOT, however, take all seven of our daughters out to separate hills and kill them, as one deranged Nebraska man did over a century ago. The road that runs between the site of each gruesome crime is marked as County Road L on the map, but colloquially, it’s named after the sisters who died there. Cars driving through routinely report headlights going dim, or electrical systems failing completely, leaving their cars stalled in the eerie darkness, with the screams of young women echoing through the hills."

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