This Is The Best Cup Of Coffee In All Of Nebraska

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You don't have to live in Portland or Seattle to have access to a great coffee shop. Every state in America has numerous coffee shops that roast their own beans, craft their own drinks and offer environments that are unique to their own regions —but only one can be the best in Nebraska.

Tasting Table recently compiled a list of the best coffee shops in every state. They named Amateur Coffee in Omaha as the premiere spot to grab a cup of joe. Here's what they had to say about it:

"The heart of cattle country might not be the first place one would expect to find an all-vegan coffee shop. But if you've been to Omaha, you know this city is nothing if not full of surprises. Among them is Amateur Coffee, a shop founded by husband and wife team Jacob and Jasmyn Wichert with the intention of promoting veganism. Perhaps their most iconic item is their colorful latte in a jar. They also sell bags of their house blend coffees to go, each one emblazoned with a house-designed sticker. Just don't be fooled by the fact that Amateur's alluring donuts are all vegan, and their waffles are also gluten-free. They might be a little healthier than their sugar-and-butter-filled counterparts, but calories still count even if they are vegan."

Going out of state? Check out the full list of the best coffee shops in every state from Tasting table.

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